About Us

We are one of the india's fastest growing company in the area of IT and related products manufacturing and solution providing sector.

we are in the industry from 1999 onwards but we are formed as a concern from Agust 2008.

we are certified by Technology and Quality Management Council by Quality Management system -2009 (TQM-QMS-2009) certified company.

We are manufacturing our own brand computers as per the requirements from our customers.As well as we are providing solution for all types of IT problems.

We are Associated with

  • DELL - Business Machines - Registered Partner
  • DELL - Consumer Machines - Sales Associate
  • Intel- Genuine Intel Delar (GID)
  • Asus Partner
  • Mercury/ Grandiz/ Intex - Partner
  • Seagate/Samsung/ LG / Sony - Reseller
  • Trancend/ Kingston/ Dynet - Partner
  • CISCO / DLINK / LINK SYS - Authorised Re-seller
  • Numeric/ APC / Microtek/ Whirl Pool/ Exide/ Amco - Reseller